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What is $DNFY?
Deflationary Non-Fungible Yearn

is a DeFi protocol utilizing the ERC721 token standard with Yield Farming. By integrating this token standard a user's yield can be abstracted, consolidated and tokenized into a NFT which provides more safety and flexibility than traditional staking. Additionally, the native token $DNFY is Deflationary meaning that the total supply will be actively decreasing through use of the protocol increasing the value of the remaining tokens. Check out our Tokenomics to learn more.

Name: Deflationary Non-Fungible Yearn
Symbol: DNFY

Total Supply: 10,000

Rewards Pool: 7,000 (70%)
Presale: 1,500 (15%)
Liquidity: 800 (8%)
Marketing: 600 (6%)
Team/Development: 100 (1%)



Non-Fungible Tokens bring not only novelty but an added layer of flexibility. Users having an abstracted representation of their stake in the form of NFT's enables the stored value to be used and managed with greater dimension.


Through natural use of the protocol via the trading platform as well as actions such as users unstaking, a portion of fees will be burned rendering the remaining supply more valuable to the ecosystem.


The ability to store value in pools supported by the protocol creates more options for achieving a positive rate of return for an underlying asset. Earnings being consolidated into NFT's in conjuction with a deflationary token native to the ecosystem help faciliate yield for users.